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Piano & Violin Syllabus


The first booking period for remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams is 1 to 8 December 2020. The exam session is 5 to 31 January 2021. ABRSM is offering Performance Grade exams every month for the rest of the year end 2021.

To book exams you will need to use our new online booking service. You can create your new account in advance here.

For dates and exam fees, click here!

Online Music Theory 2021

Syllabus summary for Grades 1 to 5 (online exams from 2020)

Online Music Theory exams – August 2021 onwards

From August 2021 onwards, online Music Theory exams for Grade 1 to 5 will be available ‘on demand’, allowing candidates to book and take their exam whenever they wish. ABRSM will provide further details soon.

Free Sample Papers and Model Answers

are available to  help candidates become familiar with the new question styles, free Sample Papers and Model Answers for Grades 1 to 5 are available.

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Piano & Violin Syllabus


Practical Exam Dates 2021

Entry Form (Digital Graded Exam)

Digital Graded Exam Fees 


Entry Form (Digital Diploma Exam)

Digital Diploma Exam Fees 


Theory Exam Dates 2021

**Registration now open for NEXT session of theory exam on 8 MAY 2021 (Saturday). The closing date is 1 MAR 2021.

EXAM FEES (Diploma & Graded)


*** FOR SYLLABUS OVERLAP EXTENSION information [Read More...]

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Piano & Violin Syllabus



LCME has launched its unique digital exam program for all music and performance subjects. Candidates at any level, from pre-grade one to diploma, now have the option of taking a recorded or online exam.

**To book an online exam or recorded exam you first need to create an account, then you will be able to log in and book your online or recorded exams, view upcoming exams and see exam results.

Practical Exam Dates 2021


  • Spring

  • Closing date: 05 January 

  • Exams held: 01 March - 30 April

  • Summer

  • Closing date: 27 April

  • Exams held: 01 July - 31 August

  • Winter

  • Closing date: 27 August

  • Exams held: 01 November - 20 December

Theory Exam Dates 2021

  • Summer 2021 - 10am Saturday 12 June (closing date 15 April 2021) 

  • Winter 2021 - 10am Saturday 27 November (closing date 8 Oct 2021) 

      ***Kindly contact the local representative (Lui Alliance) for further exam information. 

LCM Exam Fees(Singapore)

Candidate's guide to lcme online music exam

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